Clayton & Lucas / Little City Love

We’re crazy about cards at Rosewater – cards that make us laugh, cards that make us smile, and cards that make us think. One of our favorite new sources for cards is Little City Love, based in Julia’s home state of Ohio.

Started by two friends, Clayton Fuller (who drives a little blue pick-up) and Lucas LaTour (who plays the guitar and solves logic puzzles) in Columbus, Ohio; the name "Little City Love" originally came from a short story one of them wrote about the unique ways we experience the places we're from. Today, the name symbolizes the spirit of community and adventure these two creative souls hope to encourage with their curiously literary creations.

Driven by a passion to engage others through words, Little City Love set out to make products that prompt authentic dialogue and build connections and weave meaning through storytelling.

Check out some of their many prints and cards, and learn more about them as well, at


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