Rosewater House Granola

The history of Granola, or what was originally called Granula, follows a long and winding road from 1860’s creations of Dr. James Caleb Jackson at his health spa in Danville, NY to the more modern day creations of John Harvey Kellogg, and its international inspirations from cereal sibling Muesli.

Our own Rosewater House Granola has a shorter, but no less illustrious history. An original version was “cooked up” by Rachael Fox and her baking colleagues for Gjelina and Gjusta in Venice, CA – and then when Rachael originally traveled to Martha’s Vineyard two years ago she began evolving the recipe to suit her new environment. Her current take on the centuries old Granula classic marries a bit of honey and brown sugar sweetness with just the right mix of spices and an array of oats and nuts to create the perfect morning coffee companion, or afternoon pick-me-up snack.

Whether you eat it smothered in Greek yogurt or straight out of the container, we warn you, this stuff is addicting!


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